Explore the world’s best top 10 AI Content Writing tools for creating unique, original and plagiarism-free content copy for blog posts, social media, email marketing, digital ads on Google, Facebook and Twitter etc.

What are AI content writing tools?

With artificial intelligence technology, content writing tools are specially designed for generating unique and original content. These best ai writing tools generate content according to your needs for posting on social media, blog posts, and email, as well as ads, and also help generate more leads and sales.

All these tools are handy for generating content according to your requirements and save you lots of time and money. Using these tools, you can quickly generate unique and original contact in a fraction of the time. AI writing tools from various companies provide different features like SEO optimization, plagiarism-free, copyright-free, catchy headlines, and unique and attractive content that helps boost your rankings in Google and sales.

AI Content Writing Tools

These tools are mainly based on artificial intelligence that uses sources of open AI  and GPT for creating unique and original content. In this article, we will introduce the best content writing tools available online for free and with a free trial availability. Explore the top 10 AI content writing tools given below.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI Content Writing Tool

Jasper is the best AI tool for content writing that writes content with all-new AI technology. It is a great tool that writes your content with SEO optimizations and lets your blog post rank better in Google search results.

Artificial intelligence makes Jasper very fast and easy to use to create content for your blog post, social media, email marketing etc. Jasper writes original and creative content with the best SEO Optimisation and creates original content that ranks in Google.

Boost your ad conversation and scale your content and email marketing with this AI content writing tool. It also creates creative and informative content for social media posts that boost your engagement on social media.

You can even write stories and books with Jasper AI with all copywriting skills in a document. Jasper is rated 5/5 stars in 3000 + reviews. You can also claim 10,000 Words free by signing up at the link below.

Try Jesper (Claim 10,000 words free)


Rytr AI Content Writing Tool

Rytr is a great AI content writing tool and assistant that helps you to create high-quality content in just a fraction of the time. With this AI content writing tool, you can write Facebook ads, landing page copies, product descriptions, stories and Instagram post titles, YouTube description taglines and headings, interview questions and reviews, profile bios, and emails.

Rytr tool is broadly used by professionals, academics, content marketers, entrepreneurs, copyrights marketers and many more. It is a great and easy-to-use tool that delivers excellent value and saves time.

You can generate attractive, informative, and original content in just a few seconds, saving time and money that you give to writers who help write blog post, emails and copies, etc. You can choose 40+ use cases and templates to cover 30 + languages to write your content for another language for your clients. You can also write 20 + tones of voice.

Rytr is the best all-in-one writing platform. You can try this tool write for free, in which you can access  40+ use cases, writes in 30+ languages and generate 10+ characters per month. 

Try Rytr for free

Copy AI

Copy AI Content Writing Tool

Copy AI content writing tool generates blog posts 10 times faster than a content writer. You can write your social media posts for high-converting posts and more engaging emails for email marketing for more sales and leads.

With artificial intelligence, Copy AI content generator delivers superior results in just a few seconds. Many big brands like Microsoft, eBay, and Ogilvy are currently using it.

Copy AI helps you to create content for your email marketing agencies, business owners, startup, teams, social media managers and many more. This AI content writing tool writes blog post content, digital ad copy, E-Commerce copy, sales copy, social media content and website copy. 

This artificial intelligence is based on one of the best content writing tools with 90 + tools and templates so you can write your creative content very fast.

 Try Copy AI  


Copymatic AI Content Writing Tool

Copymatric helps you to generate creative and original content and images with artificial intelligence Technology. It uses AI to increase your traffic and save you lots of time writing content. It automatically writes unique high quality original and engaging content for your blog posts and landing pages in seconds.

This creative tool writes long-form AI content and converts short descriptions into 1,000+ word articles with its artificial intelligence-powered content writing tool.

You can use CopyMatic to create social media posts, digital ads, and blog posts with SEO optimization and e-commerce copy. This tool has 50+ tools available for writing all types of content in seconds with grammar check and SEO Optimisation.

 Try Copymatic


Writesonic AI Content Writing Tool

Writesonic is a new and best AI content writer tool for creating SEO-optimised and plagiarism-free blog posts, digital ads and emails 10 times Faster. You can use write Sonic to create content for Instagram captions, LinkedIn posts, blog articles, product descriptions, Facebook ads, Google ads, Twitter tweets and many more.

Experience power of GPT-4 and Open AI in premium plans of Writesonic that writes well SEO optimized marketing copy for blogs, Facebook ads, and Google ads to answer and send emails to increase clicks and leads. 

With this content writing, you can create long-form content in blog posts and articles with all copyrighting skills and faster than a regular content writing tool. This content writing is specially done for writers, E-Commerce stores, marketing teams and entrepreneurs. It has more than 100+ powerful features.

Writesonic has 10,000 + reviews and an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 on various platforms like G2 Trustpilot, capterra etc.

Try Writesonic for free 

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO AI Content Writing Tool

Boost your website’s organic traffic with SUFER SEO with its super Amazing SEO strategy that increases visibility and rankings in search results. It is an artificial intelligence-based content writing tool that writes articles that are easy to read and rank higher.

With this tool, structure your article, get a detailed list of relevant keywords, and get feedback on overall on-page optimization. This content writing is the best AI content writing tool that creates briefs with eye-catching headlines within a few seconds. It also builds outline to structural you can’t with its built-in outline builder with unique headings and questions.

Write your content in any language with this excellent Surfer SEO tool. It offers 7 days trial to look into this fantastic tool and generate content for yourself.

 Try Surfers SEO For free

Semrush Writing Assistant

Semrush Writing Assistant AI Content Writing Tool

Semrush Writing assistant is an excellent tool for writing perfect SEO-optimized content and improving ranking. Create and optimise content with this content writing tool by adding focus keywords to the writing assistant and selecting your target audience. It efficiently optimizes your images with alt tags and Discovers and fixes broken links in your content.

You can use a writing assistant to improve readability to users and write eye-catching titles for more CTR in search results. All content created and optimized by Semrush writing assistant is copyright-free and plagiarism free it also helps in analyzing original content and verifies the content of your freelancer content writer is original.

Semrush Writing assistant Is a unique tool for optimized content available on the Google Docs add-on, word press plugin, Semrush interface and Microsoft add-on. Increase your visibility in organic search results with this writing assistant tool in attracting new leaders, creating valuable and actionable content, improving Google rankings, and standing out from the competition.

 Try Semrush Writing Assitant (free trial available)

Shortly AI

Shortly AI Content Writing Tool

Shortly AI  is a perfect tool for creating content online with the power of artificial intelligence in just a few seconds. You can quickly write your original and unique content for blog posts, social media, email marketing and ad copies.

This content writing tool helps you write your next best-selling novel or blog post and convert your thoughts into well-written paragraphs. Use some powerful commands like expand the rewrite and many more for writing your content very quickly, by using these commands, and you can rewrite, shorten and expand your content according to your needs.

Shortly AI generates 10 next faster with this fantastic content writing tool and improves your content on social media and websites. This tool uses open AI and GPT-3, the world’s most giant neural network-powered language modules, to write original content. 

Try Shortly AI for free 


Outranking AI Content Writing Tool

Outranking is an excellent tool for achieving your content to the top of search engines by using its built-in content strategy, content execution,  SEO Optimisation and tracking and improving patterns.

It is one of the best AI content creation tools that research to help you better your SEO-based original and unique content. 

Scale your content with this AI assistant with the features of SEO-optimised outlines, Scrap research and related searches. You can write short and long-form SEO briefs using AI Technology that increase your brand value. Generate unique headlines and paragraphs with this AI content writing tool, then merge them into long-form original content.

It is a superior tool that writes everything like how to post, product descriptions, product alternatives to take products and much more text for content marketing. It creates content with all planning and unique strategies that helps you better rank the blog post,  increase your ad revenue, also help in increasing social media post engagement.

 Try Outranking 


AI Writer Content Writing Tool

Generate trustable, Accurate and relevant content in seconds with this AI content writing tool specially made for being trustworthy. Create content with a single keyword or headline quickly with this AI writer using artificial intelligence. Content created by this tool helps in increasing your profit and efficiency with its built-in intelligent content strategy.

It is the only tool providing citations for verifying your information and delivering accurate and quality content. All the generated content is always fresh and relevant,  unique and original,  SEO friendly and authoritative, and directly publishable to WordPress blogs.

The main features of AI writing are Research and rewriting, text rewarding, verifiable citations, focus text editor and topic discoverer. All content is generated by the writer inch from scratch and is unique and Copyright-free.

Try AI Writer


Is AI writing good for content creators?

AI content writing tools are good for content creators to create content for social media posts, blog posts, email marketing, Facebook ads, and Google ads. They save a lot of time for greeting content AI tools create amazing original and unique content that helps increase sales and leads.

Why should I use an AI writing tool?

AI content writing tool is the best way to generate content for marketing purposes like social media, content, and email marketing. These tools make you to make original content and save lots of time for a content creator. These tools also helps in affiliate marketing.

Which AI tool is best for content writing?

Today, many of the best AI content writing tools are available online and provide many features like SEO Optimization, unique, original content, and copyright-free content. Jesper, AI writer, Rytr and Shortly AI are the best top 10 ai content writing tools available online with a free trial.

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