Boost your sales and traffic with these top 10 best AI tools for Affiliate Marketing. With Artificial intelligence technology, you can easily and quickly create content and marketing.

Best AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing

Various premium and free ai tools for affiliate marketing are available online and almost tools have giving trial period, so you have to try them and boost your sales.



Jasper is a content marketing tool that writes your copy for blogs, social media posts, websites, and many more. This tool is based on Artificial Intelligence technology that creates your content quickly and 10x faster.

With AI, Jasper creates original and creative content that consults with the world’s best SEO partner and marketing experts. This tool helps you for creating original content that ranks for SEO, boosts ad conversation and writes your content 10x faster.

Jasper AI offers a Boss mode for writing long-form content 5x faster with blocks, blog posts, stories, and even books. Content created by this AI tool is original and free, so you can easily, without hesitation.

Jasper creates and optimizes content that is valuable for Google and it is integrated with Surfer SEO which guides Jasper to optimize block posts to rank at the top of the Google search results. You can also earn money using the Jasper ai affiliate program.

Try for free (Claim 10,000 Words Free)

Link Whisper

Link Whisper is an excellent tool for speeding up your internal linking process for SEO. It helps you to rank better in Google and also helps your rankings stable and top in Google search results.

Link Whisper is an AI-based internal linking tool that is best for writing and creating internal links in websites and saving time smartly. Internal linking is the best strategy for SEO for search rankings. It automatically suggests and links your content to old posts.

This AI tool smartly finds and builds internal links to your old post on your website and gives a link to old posts, and links your content to other websites that you own.


  • Create automatic links from keywords
  • Internal link supporting
  • Fix broken links
  • Target keywords for better internal linking
  • Get traffic data from the Google search console
  • Internal suggestion for other sides that you own
  • Very easy to use

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is also an AI tool that Skyrockets your website on daily traffic, increases your rankings and visibility on Google search results

Use Surfer SEO to write high-ability articles that rank well in search engines. This tool helps your on-page optimization and increases your content score.


  • Generate catchy headlines and briefs in just a few seconds and use the built-in outline builder with this tool
  • Create original content and all the content is original and parallelogram free with Artificial Intelligence
  • Integrate Surfer SEO with Jasper, Semrush, WordPress, and Google docs for better results
  • Free tools: outline generator and keyword suffer extension
  • Growth management, content editor, keyword Research and Audit (optimize existing content)



Pictory is the best video creation tool that uses Artificial Intelligence technology to create videos very easily and quickly and save time and money.

You don’t need to download any software and it doesn’t need any technical skills. It creates videos with AI technology. Pictory is your complete video marketing tool; you can create short branded videos from long videos.


  • Convert the script into an exciting video with Artificial Intelligence
  • Create videos smartly that people love to watch
  • Convert your blog post into an engaging video on auto-pilot mode
  • Create captions to videos automatically that increase your reach 85% more

Try Pictory free (no credit card required)



Postaga AI tool that helps your content get more backlinks and shares; you can try it for a free trial.

It is an AI platform that automatically creates campaigns according to your site and creates campaign ideas special for you,

Postaga is an opportunity finder for getting backlinks, shares and promotions based on the type of champions.

It analyses your created content and creates output links to your content and information, includes your email, makes marketing campaigns, and increases your reach to the terms of a successful campaign.

Postaga is also a contact finder. It finds contacts for you, social media profile information connects to LinkedIn and sends a personalized email related to your niche.

The best Postaga feature is automatic personality emails; it automatically sends emails to your contacts.

Murf AI

Murf AI

Murf is a perfect AI tool that helps you and your organization better use text converter to human voice with the world’s best technology, Artificial Intelligence.

It is a voice generator that converts text to speech and produces voice like humans simply it’s a text-to-speech converter with 100% natural sound of humans with natural language processing (NLP)

Murf AI has a free trial plan of 10 minutes of voice generation and 10 minutes of transcription.

It has an extensive library of voices that you can choose from 120+ voices in 20+ languages; also add voices to videos, music, or image with your converted voice.
AI captures the right tone from the text; if you write bold text, it will also provide some boldness to the voice.

Designs AI

Designs AI

Designs AI is an excellent tool for creating logos, videos, and banners in just 2 minutes with this AI Technology saves you time and money with design AI. You don’t need to hire and graphic designer, photographer and video editor for your business. Just use design AI that creates all things for you smartly.

It is a great tool that uses artificial Intelligence technology that allows you to create and edit your content to make a good logo, banner and video.


  • Logo Maker
  • Video maker
  • Speech maker
  • Design maker
  • Copyright

It also provides free assistive tools to guide your creative process. It is a brilliant, faster, easy-to-use AI tool that helps you create content smartly.

It also helps influence small businesses, startups, educators, enterprises, non-profit organizations, government organizations and agencies to create logos and design video images.

Referral AI

Referral AI

Referral AI is a relationship intelligence refuel network for sales and marketing teams that connect with your past customers and target ICP persons. It is the best AI tool that texts your contacts pipeline to maximize your sales and collaborate with teams and data.

Referral AI is complete visibility of your network and how you can easily use your target content through an exciting referral. It is an AI-Based relationship platform that helps close modules faster in the growth level session.

It is best for your network; you can also track your referrals and companions, boost your sales by 10%, and Boost your engagement by 10%.

Referral AI is easily integrated with Salesforce outreach sales lost and Hubspot.

Converto Bot

Converto Bot

Converto Bot is an AI-based powerful bot for your website and social media. It automatically chats and helps your visitors, solves their queries, increases your sales quickly, and saves you time.

It automatically engages your visitors for more leads and sales bookings.

This is one of the best methods for connecting with website users; a chatbot helps you increase your sales. With a chatbot, you must integrate your website for 24×7 support availability and increase your sales and interactions by up to 800%.

The process is straightforward when a user visits your website; the converto bot interacts with your visitor with suggestions and sales ideas.

Converto bot also helps in lead generation and increases subscriber mail list that converts into sale book appointments, registers for an event and gives instant customer service.

Converter bot is the best AI platform that works with various big brands like click funnels converter, WordPress, drupal and many more.

If you have an affiliate marketing website, you should use and try the converto bot to increase your interaction with users, resulting in more sales.



MailChimp is an email marketing tool especially known for turnings emails into revenues with email marketing; you can send your content to your visitor’s email with this platform.

You have to integrate Mailchimp with your website and app. Mailchimp offers integration with 300+ platforms for boosting your email subscribers and more sales; that’s why it is one of the best tools for marketing.

Building sign-up forms with this tool, you can collect email subscribers rm after that automation process sends your content with links and images videos to your subscribers.

Convert your visitors into customers with automation; it uses AI Technology and Analytics for email marketing analysis.

With MailChimp, you can generate up to four times more orders with email marketing automation using its inbuild journey template. You can use it to recover abundant cards and engage existing customers.

Deliver personalized emails based on their website behavior, survey response and chatting.

You can generate more than 88% more revenue with customer lifetime value; this platform helps you to focus on your most valuable and loyal customers.

Free ai tools for affiliate marketing

Several free AI tools can be helpful in affiliate marketing. Here are some options to consider:
Use these free AI tools to increase your affiliate marketing efforts. There are many choices on the internet, some of which are listed below:

  1. Google Analytics: This free ai tool helps you track the site visitors and their website browsing history, by using this tool, you can optimize your affiliate marketing strategies.
  2. Google Keyword Planner: This tool can help you decide which words and terms are essential in your content and marketing campaigns.
  3. Google Trends: This tool may help you stay current on the newest trends and subjects in your field and provide insights into what your target audience is interested in.
  4. Grammarly: This tool can assist you in writing more effectively and accurately, resulting in professional and understandable text.
  5. Canva: In a busy affiliate marketing environment, this tool can assist you in producing high-quality visual content, such as infographics and social media graphics, in helping you stand out.
  6. Hootsuite: This tool can help you keep up with your audience and stay active on social media without spending all day there. It also allows you to schedule posts in advance.
  7. SEMrush: Free access to this tool’s SEO and marketing toolkit is available but restricted. You can evaluate the effectiveness of your website, find new keyword opportunities, and keep tabs on the marketing initiatives of your rivals with SEMrush.
  8. Ubersuggest: With this free keyword research tool, you can come up with fresh keyword suggestions and learn more about each keyword’s competition, search volume, and CPC.
  9. AnswerThePublic: Using this free tool, you can develop content ideas by picturing the most typical queries and expressions associated with a given keyword or subject.
  10. Portent’s Content Idea Generator: By recommending several headline formats and themes based on a specific term, this tool can assist you in developing original and exciting content ideas.
  11. AdZis: Using this AI-powered content generator, you can easily create original product descriptions and other material for your affiliate marketing campaigns.
  12. Phrasee: With artificial intelligence, you can use this tool to help you create compelling email subject lines and marketing copy to increase conversions.

These are just a few of the many free AI tools for affiliate marketing. Always research and test out best ai tools 2023 to locate the ones that best suit your wants and objectives.

What are the best AI tools for affiliate marketing?

Jasper, Link Whisper, Surfer SEO, Pictory, Postaga,,, Referral-AI, Convertobot and MailChimp are the best and trending best tools for affiliate marketing.

What is the advantage of AI tools for affiliate marketing?

With the help of AI tools, you can quickly create content and market your affiliate products and generate more sales. AI tools save a lot of time in creating content and marketing analysis.


Finally, in today’s competitive digital market, affiliate marketers can no longer afford to remain without the help of AI solutions. In addition to facilitating quicker content production, these solutions also allow for more effective affiliate program management, data-driven decision making via predictive analytics, and a host of other advantages.

Moreover, chatbots and customer service solutions driven by AI improve customer satisfaction, and NLP-based SEO tools enhance content’s exposure in search engines. With AI, businesses can streamline their social media operations, run more accurate split tests, and boost their ROI.

Affiliate marketers may improve their productivity, decision-making, and long-term success in the cutthroat industry by adopting the best artificial intelligence (AI) solutions now available.

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